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Need help!! Translation for Raghunath Murmu[编辑]

I need help for translation of an English language article Raghunath Murmu in chinese language, i will be very thankful if anyone translate this article. - -{R|}- Rocky 734留言) 2020年1月19日 (日) 13:54 (UTC)

Idea: Chinese tanslation of File:WMHKG Annual Report 2018-2019.pdf[编辑]

If you don't mind, is anyone interested in writing a Chinese translation of the 2018-2019 annual report for the Hong Kong user group? File:WMHKG Annual Report 2018-2019.pdf. If both Traditional and Simplified versions could be issued, I would really appreciate that!

Thanks WhisperToMe留言) 2020年1月23日 (四) 07:58 (UTC)

  • Does anyone in WCUGHK know Chinese???—Rowingbohe 台州专题 2020年1月23日 (四) 08:31 (UTC)
    • Hi! Indeed most of the group members natively read/write Chinese; official documents however are originally written in English, partly due to the universality of English, partly because English is one of Hong Kong's two official languages, and partly because the WMF uses English as its working language. Even with the most experienced translators, the task often takes time and effort. It's likely that a group member will get to it first, but in case there are time issues we're still eager for a translation. WhisperToMe留言) 2020年1月23日 (四) 18:49 (UTC)

couldn't finding the help desk[编辑]

hello there, I'm a new member here but I couldn't finding the help desk because I can't read Chinese, could you help me?

--PutriAmalia1991留言) 2020年1月24日 (五) 01:55 (UTC)

@-{PutriAmalia1991}-:It's here. Please leave your request here. Willy1018(留言) 2020年1月24日 (五) 02:01 (UTC)
@-{Willy1018}-:okay then, thanks --PutriAmalia1991留言) 2020年1月24日 (五) 02:19 (UTC)

Need for a template to be added to place name articles where the administrative division code (行政区划代码) has changed[编辑]

I feel the need for a template to be added to place name articles where the administrative division code (行政区划代码) has changed. I'm busy mapping on OpenStreetMap adding missing subdistrict, towns and townships. I'm using zhwiki to cross-check coordinates and get the 行政区划代码 but unfortunately zhwiki is not up-to-date compared with for example -{R|}- . So I update zhwiki (see contributions) according (moving for example 东宣乡 to 东宣镇) from time to time even having to create disambiguation pages. But I'm unable to handle the complicated 中国乡级行政区 templates with their administrative division code syntax. At least I'd like to flag those newly moved articles using a template which adds them into a sort of division-code-needs-update category with something like {{update 行政区划代码}}. --Katpatuka留言) 2020年1月26日 (日) 08:15 (UTC)

@-{Katpatuka}-:Hello! Thank you for your contributions, and you can just use {{subst:update/auto}} to notice others. Best wishes, Rowingbohe 台州专题 2020年1月26日 (日) 13:05 (UTC)
@-{Rowingbohe}-:Thanks a lot! Didn't know there's already a solution for my problem. So after moving a place name article just adding that template to the new article is enough - good! Is there even a more up-to-date source than available? In China status and names of places are changing faster than one can map them... ;) For example the 街道 of 游仙区 seemingly aren't up-to-date - is there another template available to add to the article or talk page to notify others to update the 游仙区行政区划 or can I just add the same template to the county or district article? --Katpatuka留言) 2020年1月26日 (日) 13:34 (UTC)
@-{Katpatuka}-:You can just put the template on the page of an article. If other people see this, they will correct the mistake. Also, if needed, you're able to leave a message on its talk page. You can explain that you cannot speak Chinese well, and you want to find a wikipedian correct the mistake. —Rowingbohe 2020年1月26日 (日) 13:48 (UTC)

Expensive #switch[编辑]